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The Foundry or Charcoal Foundry is used to create Foundry from burning Logs, which can be used to smelt Titanium Bars. It costs 1,000 oil to burn each log, regardless of the type of log used, however higher tier logs give a higher chance of obtaining charcoal. Additionally, the Titanium Foundry can be used to increase the chance for each log type.

Titanium Foundry

The Titanium Foundry is an upgraded version of the Foundry that doubles the chance of obtaining charcoal from each log. It can be built at 78 Crafting with 10,000 Iron Bars and 75 Titanium Bars after having crafted the Foundry.

Charcoal Chance

Each type of log gives a different chance of obtaining charcoal. Note that this is a random chance, so you are not guaranteed to get 1 charcoal from burning 5 Stardust Logs (20% chance). Additionally, you will receive the same amount of Stardust from burning Stardust Logs as you would have from burning in the Oven.

Charcoal.png Charcoal Chance
Logs CharcoalFoundry.png Foundry TitaniumCharcoalFoundry.png Titanium Foundry
Logs.png Logs 1% 2%
OakLogs.png Oak Logs 2% 4%
WillowLogs.png Willow Logs 3% 6%
BambooLogs.png Bamboo Logs 5% 10%
MapleLogs.png Maple Logs 7% 14%
LavaLogs.pngLava Logs 10% 20%
PineLogs.png Pine Logs 14% 28%
StardustLogs.png Stardust Logs 20% 40%