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Food is a resource used to gain Energy, which is needed to initiate Combat in any Combat Area. Raw Food must be cooked which requires Heat, though some foods can be eaten without being cooked. Food can be obtained from a variety of sources, though the most common is by catching Fish through Fishing. You can also obtain food through several Monster Drops, some Loot Bags, and some Trees. In addition, food can be prepared from the Cook's Book and Stews.


Name Item Source Energy.png Energy Heat.png Heat
Shrimp Shrimp.png SmallFishingNet.png 50 Energy.png 5 Heat.png
Anchovy Anchovy.png Small Net (Sapphire) 100 Energy.png 10 Heat.png
Sardine Sardine.png Small Net (Emerald) 300 Energy.png 30 Heat.png
Crab Crab.png Small Net (Ruby) 1,000 Energy.png 100 Heat.png
Piranha Piranha.png Small Net (Diamond) 10,000 Energy.png 1,000 Heat.png
Trout Trout.png FishingRod.png 100 Energy.png 10 Heat.png
Salmon Salmon.png Fishing Rod (Sapphire) 200 Energy.png 20 Heat.png
Eel Eel.png Fishing Rod (Emerald) 1,000 Energy.png 100 Heat.png
Sea Turtle SeaTurtle.png Fishing Rod (Ruby) 3,000 Energy.png 300 Heat.png
Rainbow Fish RainbowFish.png Fishing Rod (Diamond) 50,000 Energy.png 5,000 Heat.png
Tuna Tuna.png Harpoon.png 500 Energy.png 50 Heat.png
Swordfish Swordfish.png Harpoon (Sapphire) 1,000 Energy.png 100 Heat.png
Manta Ray MantaRay.png Harpoon (Emerald) 3,000 Energy.png 300 Heat.png
Shark Shark.png Harpoon (Ruby) 10,000 Energy.png 1,000 Heat.png
Whale Whale.png Harpoon (Diamond) 25,000 Energy.png 2,500 Heat.png

Monster Drops

Name Item Source Energy.png Energy Heat.png Heat
Cheese Cheese.png RatMonster.png 35 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Honey Honey.png BeeMonster.png 50 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Carrot Carrot.png FieldsLootBag.png NorthernFieldsLootBag.png 50 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Chicken Chicken.png ChickenMonster.png 75 Energy.png 7 Heat.png
Bear Meat BearMeat.png BearMonster.png MammaPolarBearMonster.png 750 Energy.png 75 Heat.png
Giant Snake Tail GiantSnakeTail.png GiantSnakeMonster.png 300 Energy.png 30 Heat.png


Name Item Source Energy.png Energy Heat.png Heat
Maple Syrup MapleSyrup.png MapleTree.png 600 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Apple Honey.png AppleTree.png 5 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Bananas Chicken.png BananaTree.png 30 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Coconuts Coconuts.png PalmTree.png 2,000 Energy.png 0 Heat.png

Cook's Book

Name Item Source Energy.png Energy Heat.png Heat
Mushroom Salad Salad.png CooksBook1.png 75 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Oyster Mornay OysterMornay.png CooksBook1.png 250 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Snakeskin Sushi SnakeSushiShrimp.png CooksBook1.png 500 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Seaweed Chicken SeaweedChicken.png CooksBook1.png 750 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Batskin Sushi BatSkinSushi.png CooksBook1.png 1,500 Energy.png 0 Heat.png


Name Item Source Energy.png Energy Heat.png Heat
Red Mushroom RedMushroom.png FarmingSkill.png 5 Energy.png 0 Heat.png
Blewit Mushroom BlewitMushroom.png FarmingSkill.png 20 Energy.png 0 Heat.png


Stews are a type of food that can be made by the Chef after finishing The Stew Chef Quest.

Foods Apple.png
SmallFishingNet.png Small Net Shrimp.png Shrimp (Raw) Anchovy.png Anchovy (Raw) Sardine.png Sardine (Raw)
Crab.png Crab (Raw) Piranha.png Piranha (Raw)
FishingRod.png Fishing Rod Trout.png Trout (Raw) Salmon.png Salmon (Raw) Eel.png Eel (Raw)
SeaTurtle.png Sea Turtle (Raw) RainbowFish.png Rainbow Fish (Raw)
Harpoon.png Harpoon Tuna.png Tuna (Raw) Swordfish.png Swordfish (Raw) MantaRay.png Manta Ray (Raw)
Shark.png Shark (Raw) Whale.png Whale (Raw)
BananaTree.png Trees MapleSyrup.png Maple Syrup Apple.png Apples Bananas.png Bananas Coconuts.png Coconuts
CooksBook1.png Book Food Salad.png Mushroom Salad OysterMornay.png Oyster Mornay SnakeSushiTrout.png Snakeskin Sushi
SeaweedChicken.png Seaweed Chicken BatSkinSushi.png Batskin Sushi ChickenSalad.png Chicken Salad
AppleCandy.png Apple Candy CoconutMeat.png Coconut Meat
Other Cheese.png Cheese Honey.png Honey Chicken.png Chicken (Raw) Carrot.png Carrots BearMeat.png Bear Meat (Raw)
GiantSnakeTail.png Giant Snake Tail (Raw) EmptyStew.png Stews

Resources Stardust.png
Mechanics Coins.png Coins Energy.png Energy FightPoints.png Fight Points Heat.png Heat Oil.png Oil Stardust.png Stardust
Items Bones.png Bones Feather.png Feathers Apple.png Foods DottedGreenLeaf.png Leaves Logs.png Logs TreeSeeds.png Seeds
Mining & Smelting BronzeBars.png Bars Charcoal.png Charcoal Sapphire.png Gems BlueGeode.png Geodes Lava.png Lava Copper.png Ores Sand.png Sand