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Fishing is a passive skill that allows players to collect different types of fish over time based on the type of fishing tool they use. It is unlocked upon completing The Fisherman quest. Fishing is one of the primary sources of energy in the game through the use of cooking to obtain Cooked Fish. You can also find oysters which can be sold or used to find pearls. Unlike other skills, for which leveling will improve some aspect of the game, increasing your fishing level has no impact on any aspect of the game. The only way to gain Fishing XP besides passively catching fish is through combat in the ocean.

Fishing Tools

Fishing Tools are used to catch fish and can be obtained upon completing The Fisherman quest. Only one type of fishing tool can be obtained:

In general, the net will catch a large number of small energy fish, the fishing rod will catch both small energy and high energy fish, and the harpoon will catch a small number of high energy fish. Generally, there is not much difference in the amount of energy gained over time for any of the three pieces of equipment, however, at the start of the game when you have an oven with a higher burn rate, it is generally better to cook small energy fish than large energy fish. Socketing your fishing equipment with gems will allow you to catch more types of fish, thus allowing you to collect more energy over time.

After completing The Fisherman Part 2 quest, you will obtain the other two fishing toools that you did not choose previously. However, they cannot be used at the same time and they must be socketed with gems independently of each other, so there is not much benefit other than being able to collect different types of fish which are required for certain Recipes or Stews.

Types of Fish

Raw Fish or just Fish are a type of Raw Food which can be obtained with the Fishing skill, either with the Fishing Tools or on Fishing Trips. Each Fishing Tools has a set of five raw fish that can be caught, while all fish have a potential of being caught on Fishing Trips.

Fishing Trips

In addition to catching fish through normal fishing equipment, you can also unlock various types of "Fishing Trips" through oxygen tanks or boats. If you choose to go on one of these trips, you will not be able to collect fish from your equipment for the allotted time, after which time you will receive a variety of different fish and potentially other rewards as a result of your fishing excursion.

Oxygen Tank

The Oxygen Tank is used to explore the ocean floor through underwater diving. It can be crafted with 50 Iron Bars at 19 Crafting after unlocking the ability from the Tier 2 Fishing Research. An underwater dive will take three hours, and during this time you will not be able to catch fish from your fishing equipment.

After returning from the dive, you will receive various types of fish, in addition to other unique items including Fish Bones, Seaweed, as well as items required for progression in the game, such as the Boat Blueprint (after unlocking the Fishing Tier 3 Research) to craft a Row Boat, and Blue Spice for The Stew Chef Quest. In addition, you can also receive the small, medium, or Large Shell, which can be sold to the Museum.

Row Boat

The Row Boat can be crafted after obtaining the Boat Blueprint from underwater diving, unlocked from the Fishing Tier 3 Research. It requires Oak Logs and Willow Logs to craft. A row boat fishing trip takes 6 hours, during which time you will not receive any fish from your normal fishing tools. A row boat trip yields fish similar to Ruby or Diamond Fishing Tools over the same period of time. Additionally, you can unlock the ability for a 1% chance of obtaining a Treasure Map from a boat trip through the Fishing Tier 4 research.

Canoe Boat

The Canoe Boat can be crafted after obtaining the Canoe Blueprints, which are dropped by Pufferfish in the Ocean. It requires 400 Willow Logs, 200 Maple Logs, 50 Gold Bars, and 60 Crafting to make. A canoe trip takes 10 hours, during which time you will not receive any fish from your normal fishing tools.


Tier Cost Description
Tier 1 Coins.png 100 Chance of finding oyster pearls.
Tier 2 Coins.png 1,000 Ability to use an oxygen tank to explore ocean floors for treasure.
Tier 3 Coins.png 25,000 Ability to find boat blueprints on the ocean floors.
Tier 4 Coins.png 200,000 1% chance to bring back a map from a boat trip.

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