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The Fisherman is an NPC first encountered in The Fisherman Quest in which they let the Player choose one Fishing Tool in exchange for one piece of Glass. The Player next encounters them during The Fisherman Part 2 quest, in which they must catch a Special Fish using Special Bait, which must be bought from the Fisherman for Coins. After catching the Special Fish, the Fisherman gives the Player the other two Fishing Tools that they did not get previously.

The Fisherman is again seen in The Fish Eggs Experiment quest, in which it is revealed that the Fisherman is working on an experiment that requires Shark Eggs and Trident Soldier Eggs. After giving these to the Fisherman, they create the Trident Shark Monster, which must be defeated. After finishing the quest, the Fisherman agrees to catch Fish for the Player using their Fishing Tool whenever they going on a Fishing Trip, essentially doubling the amount of Raw Fish and Fishing XP that can be gained by the Player.


  • The Fish Eggs Experiment Quest is a reference to Frankenstein, in which a scientist creates a Monster which he is immediately horrified by and wishes to destroy. The Fisherman is such an equally repulsive person.

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