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Fight Points or FP is a resource used to initiate Combat and you get 1 per second your account is running (when running Fight Points Potion you will receive 2 Fight Points per second). Additionally, you may receive Fight Point by eating Stews.

Different Combat Areas require different amounts of Fight Points to initiate combat, except for the Castle which have a cooldown instead.

The amount of Fight Points can be reduced by crafting the Cooldown Rings which give 1%, 4%, 10% and 15% reduction for the Silver, Gold, Promethium and Titanium Cooldown Rings respectively, giving a total of 30% reduction.

Fight Points Upgrade

Initially the FP Cap is 3,600, but each Boss you defeat drop a FightPointsUpgrade.png Fight Points Upgrade

Monsters Fight Points Upgrade Fight Points Cap
BushyMonster.png Bushy +3600 7,200
FireHawkMonster.png Fire Hawk +4000 11,200
IceHawkMonster.png Ice Hawk +4200 15,400
PiranhasMonster.png Piranhas +4800 20,200

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