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A Farming Patch is a Patch where Seeds can be grown with the Farming skill after finishing the Bob's Panic quest. After unlocking Farming, you will have access to just one patch and three more patches can be unlocked with Coins. Two additional patches can also be unlocked for 2 Donor Coins each for 30 days, similar to the Woodcutting Patches. More patches allow more Seeds to be planted at the same time, so it is recommended to purchase the additional patches, though it is not as necessary as the Woodcutting Patches.

Patch Unlock
1 Bob's Panic Quest
2 Coins.png 100 Coins
3 Coins.png 1,000 Coins
4 Coins.png 10,000 Coins and FarmingSkill.png 50 Farming
5 DonorCoins.png 2 Donor Coins for 30 days
6 DonorCoins.png 2 Donor Coins for 30 days