Energy is a resource used to initiate Combat and is obtained by eating various types of Food. Additionally, you may receive energy as a reward from the Castle Chest. Different Combat Areas require different amounts of Energy to initiate combat, except for the Castle which does not require any energy. The amount of energy can be reduced by crafting the Energy Rings which give 1%, 4%, and 10% reduction for the Silver, Gold, and Promethium Energy Rings respectively, giving a total of 15% reduction. Furthermore, the Combat Research 3 gives a 5% chance of refunding energy from a combat encounter, Cooking Research 5 refunds 10% of energy when casting Teleport to leave a combat encounter, and Farming Research 1 allows Mushrooms to be eaten to give energy.


Food is a resource which can be consumed to gain Energy and is the primary method of obtaining Energy.

Resources Stardust.png
Mechanics Coins.png Coins Energy.png Energy Heat.png Heat Oil.png Oil Stardust.png Stardust
Items Bones.png Bones Feather.png Feathers Apple.png Foods DottedGreenLeaf.png Leaves Logs.png Logs TreeSeeds.png Seeds
Mining & Smelting BronzeBars.png Bars Charcoal.png Charcoal Sapphire.png Gems BlueGeode.png Geodes Lava.png Lava Copper.png Ores Sand.png Sand

Foods Apple.png
SmallFishingNet.png Small Net Shrimp.png Shrimp Anchovy.png Anchovy Sardine.png Sardine Crab.png Crab Piranha.png Piranha
FishingRod.png Fishing Rod Trout.png Trout Salmon.png Salmon Eel.png Eel SeaTurtle.png Sea Turtle RainbowFish.png Rainbow Fish
Harpoon.png Harpoon Tuna.png Tuna Swordfish.png Swordfish MantaRay.png Manta Ray Shark.png Shark Whale.png Whale
BananaTree.png Trees MapleSyrup.png Maple Syrup Apple.png Apples Bananas.png Bananas Coconuts.png Coconuts
CooksBook1.png Book Food Salad.png Mushroom Salad OysterMornay.png Oyster Mornay SnakeSushiTrout.png Snakeskin Sushi
SeaweedChicken.png Seaweed Chicken BatSkinSushi.png Batskin Sushi
Other Cheese.png Cheese Honey.png Honey Chicken.png Chicken Carrot.png Carrots BearMeat.png Bear Meat
GiantSnakeTail.png Giant Snake Tail EmptyStew.png Stews
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