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The 2021 Easter Event is an Easter Event that involves collecting 22 parts of the Bunny Relic to build it and obtain the Sigil. Note: to get the basket sigil with egg you need to have the Easter Egg Sigil from DH1.

Egg Hunting

To start the Event, you must first kill the Easter Bunny. The easiest way to do this is to find the Bunny in the fields. After having killed the Bunny, you will obtain the Bunny Relic, which needs 22 eggs to complete. Ten of the eggs will be scattered throughout the World Map, and you'll have to find them by clicking on them. They're obscure and can be hard to find. The rest will be obtainable from your skills. All eggs obtained from your skills will be luck based.

How to obtain eggs

EasterBunny2.png How to find all Easter Eggs
What is it? Obtained from
One of the 10 World Map Eggs MapEgg2.png In order to get these, you have to find them on the World Map, they're spread through the map.

Check the images above for help!

MiningEgg.png Can be obtained by mining any type of Ore
CombatEgg.png Can be obtained by slaying any Monsters
SmeltingEgg.png Can be obtained through Smelting any ore
WoodcuttingEgg.png Can be obtained by Woodcutting the new special Easter Egg Tree
FarmingEgg.png Can be obtained by planting the new Easter Egg Seed. (Note: Has an extremely high chance of dying)
FishingRodegg.png Can be obtained through Fishing using the Fishing Rod
FishingNetegg.png Can be obtained through Fishing using the Fishing Net
FishingHarpoonegg.png Can be obtained through Fishing using the Harpoon
CannoeboatEgg.png Can be obtained through fishing with the Canoe Boat.
TreasurechestEgg.png Can be obtained from Treasure Chest - the better gem you use, the higher chance. A Diamond Key is a 1/2 chance.
BrewingEgg.png Can be obtained by drinking the new Easter Egg Potions
NpcshopEgg.png Can be obtained from the NPC Shop for 100k Coins

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SantaHatSigil.png Christmas SnowflakeSigil.png Christmas Event 2020
BasketSigil.png Easter BasketSigil.png Easter Event 2021