A Dotted Green Leaf is a common Leaf that can be harvested from planting Dotted Green Leaf Seeds. It is used in many useful potions, such as the Stardust Potion And Bone Potion. It can be sold to the NPC shop for 100 Coins, although this is not recommended.

Dropped from

Source Amount dropped Drop chance
Fields.png 2 - 6 1/11

Cooked in

Recipe Cooking level Amount needed
Salad.png 1 5

Brewed in

Potion Brewing Level Amount Needed
StardustPotion.png 1 1
SandPotion.png 3 2
CombatCooldownPotion.png 8 3
CompostPotion.png 10 20
OilPotion.png 13 4
BonePotion.png 15 5
TreeStarterPotion.png 18 3
LargePiratePotion.png 40 20
LargeRocketSpeedPotion.png 50 80


Dotted Green Leaf Seeds is a common Seed that can be obtained randomly from Bob with an unsocketed Rake or higher. It requires level 1 Farming and 15 minutes to plant. It has no chance of dieing, even at Level 1 Farming. When harvested, it gives 2-5 Dotted Green Leaves.

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