DiamondHunt3 Wiki

Donor Coins are a special currency which are used to purchase special perks in Diamond Hunt 3. They can only be obtained in exchange for Real World currency or bought from other Players on the Player Market. They can also be directly gifted to other Players. Donor Coins can currently be purchased for $1 per Donor Coin, with either Paypal or Bitcoin. This is the only form of Real World Trading allowed by the Game Rules.

Donor Buffs

The primary use of Donor Coins is to purchase certain Buffs from the Donor Shop, including extra Woodcutting and Farming Patches, an increased Offline Timer, and 10% increased XP.

Donor Tags

Donor Tags are Tags that can be displayed in Chat to show your financial support for the game, and serve no other purpose other than cosmetics. There are different levels of Donor Tags, and purchasing a Tag of a certain tier automatically unlocks all Tags of tier below it, and will count toward the cost of higher tier Tags. Tags can only be purchased with Donor Coins that the player bought in exchange for Real World currency themselves, and not with Donor Coins gifted or bought from another Player.