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A Diamond is the 4th tier of Gems and has a 1/1,000,000 chance to be found per second (roughly 1 in 11.5 days, on average) with Mining Research 1. It can be socketed into any ruby tool, for an increased buff, the last and best. It can also be used to craft a Gold Diamond Key or a Promethium Diamond Key, which give 7 rolls on the Treasure Chest and Green Treasure Chest reward tables, respectively, for the highest chance of obtaining an Orb. It can be sold for 100k Coins to the NPC shop and can also be used to make a Diamond Glass Hand, which can be sold to the Museum for 500,000 Coins.

Used in

Item Crafting level Amount needed
DiamondLootingRing.png 88 1
DiamondGoldKey.png 60 1
DiamondPromethiumKey.png 80 1
DiamondGlassHand.png 80 1

Mining Scroll

Mining Scrolls can be unlocked with Mining Research 5, which allow you to get 40,000 Mining XP from each Diamond (after finding the Diamond Mining Scroll).

Gems Diamond.png
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