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Crafting is a skill used to create a variety of different types of items. Because of the usefulness of most of these items and their requirement for progression in many areas of the game, crafting is one of the most highly trained skills.

Most craftable items can only be crafted once, however, consumable items such as Vials, Large Vials, and Silver Buckets can be crafted an unlimited number of times. Additionally, certain craftables require Moulds, Blueprints, or other special items to craft them. Several other items which are not accessed through the crafting tab also require a certain crafting level to make, such as the various types of Armour, Rings, Treasure Chest Keys, the Offhand Dagger, etc.

Tools and Equipment


The Hammer is the primary method of obtaining Crafting XP, by converting Bars into XP. XP is also received from crafting most items, however it is usually negligible in comparison to the amount of XP needed to advance levels, accept at the lowest levels. Socketing a Gem into the hammer reduces the amount of stardust needed, but does not change the number of bars needed. Furthermore, the amount of XP per stardust does not change based on which type of bar you use. Based on the amount of XP received per type of bar, it is almost always best to use Iron Bars, however, Bronze Bars are only slightly worse and are often used instead.

Bars BronzeBars.png IronBars.png SilverBars.png GoldBars.png PromethiumBars.png
XP per bar 10 90 150 300 1000


The Furnace is used to Smelt Ores into Bars. This requires a certain amount of Oil per bar for Bronze Bars through Promethium Bars, however it requires Charcoal for Titanium Bars and Lava for Ancient Bars. There are various upgrades for the furnace which increases the total capacity that the furnace can smelt at once, but does not increase the smelting rate. In addition, the Blue Furnace Orb will increase the capacity of all furnaces by 50%.


The Foundry is used to obtain Charcoal from Logs. For each log burnt, you have a chance of obtaining charcoal, with the chance increasing for each higher tier of log. In addition, the Titanium Foundry has a doubled chance of obtaining charcoal for each type of log.

Craftable Items

Craftable Items
Item Level Materials XP Description Notes
Stone Furnace StoneFurnace.png 1 Stone.png 5 10 Smelt ores into metal bars.
Bronze Oil Well BronzeOilWell.png 1 BronzeBars.png 5 25 Gain 1 oil per second.
Axe Axe.png 2 BronzeBars.png 2
Stone.png 5
60 Unlocks the woodcutting skill. Unlocked by completing the Bob's Panic Quest
Community Center CommunityCenter.png 4 Logs.png 5 80 Upgrades the shop to carry more items.
Vial Vial.png 5 Glass.png 1 0 Vials for making potions.
Community Center 2 CommunityCenter2.png 5 OakLogs.png 5 88 Upgrades the shop to carry more items.
Shovel Shovel.png 7 IronBars.png 5
Logs.png 10
120 Collects sand over time.
Drills Drills.png 10 BronzeBars.png 20 180 Drill a desired ore at the cost of oil.
Bronze Furnace BronzeFurnace.png 12 Stone.png 200
BronzeBars.png 100
StoneFurnace.png 1
200 Increases your furnace capacity to 30.
Sapphire Glass Hand SapphireGlassHand.png 12 Glass.png 20
Sapphire.png 1
225 A magnificient piece of art worth 15,000 coins.
(Requires a museum.)
Community Center 3 CommunityCenter3.png 14 WillowLogs.png 10 260 Upgrades the shop to carry more items.
Bonemeal Bin BonemealBin.png 15 Logs.png 50 300 Ability to convert bones to bonemeal.
Rake Rake.png 17 SilverBars.png 3
Logs.png 30
RakeHead.png 1
320 A tool used by Bob to find higher tier seeds. The Rake Head is randomly found by Bob after getting Level 17 Farming
Iron Furnace IronFurnace.png 18 Stone.png 500
IronBars.png 100
BronzeFurnace.png 1
355 Increases your furnace capacity to 75.
Oxygen Tank OxygenTank.png 19 IronBars.png 50 388 Allows you to explore the ocean floors.
Crushers Crushers.png 20 GoldBars.png 5 400 Mine a desired ore at the cost of oil.
Oil Storage 1 OilStorage1.png 22 Stone.png 1,000 450 Increases oil capacity to 5,000.
Iron Oil Well IronOilWell.png 23 IronBars.png 25
BronzeOilWell.png 1
500 Gain 5 oil per second (+4 oil over the Bronze Oil Well).
Iron Oven IronOven.png 25 IronBars.png 100
BronzeOven.png 1
580 Reduces the oven's burn rate to 40%.
Silver Furnace SilverFurnace.png 28 Stone.png 5,000
SilverBars.png 250
IronFurnace.png 1
666 Increases your furnace capacity to 150.
Silver Oil Well SilverOilWell.png 30 SilverBars.png 200
IronOilWell.png 1
712 Gain 10 oil per second (+5 oil over the Iron Oil Well).
Large Vial LargeVial.png 32 Glass.png 20 10 Large vials for making medium level potions. Unlocked with Crafting Research 4
Oil Storage 2 OilStorage2.png 33 Stone.png 20,000
OilStorage1.png 1
880 Increases oil capacity to 20,000.
Silver Oven SilverOven.png 35 SilverBars.png 300
IronOven.png 1
890 Reduces the oven's burn rate to 30%.
Offhand Iron Dagger OffhandIronDagger.png 35 DaggerBlade.png 1
DaggerHandle.png 1
? An offhand stabbing weapon increasing your damage. The Dagger Blade and Dagger Handle are obtained from transforming the Iron Dagger.
Offhand Dagger+ OffhandScythe.png 35 OffhandIronDagger.png 1
ScytheBlade.png 1
5,000 An upgraded offhand dagger. The Scythe Blade is obtained from transforming the Scythe.
Unlit Torch UnlitTorch.png 37 GoldBars.png 3
BambooLogs.png 50
1,000 An unlit torch.
Emerald Glass Hand EmeraldGlassHand.png 39 Glass.png 20
Emerald.png 1
1,111 A magnificent piece of art worth 40,000 coins.
(Requires a museum.)
Silver Bucket IronBucket.png 40 SilverBars.png 50 10 Collect a bucket of lava after killing a lava monster. Unlocked with Crafting Research 3
Bow Bow.png 40 Bow Base.png 1
String.png 50
0 Bow Base obtained from Bone Head and String obtained from Spider
Chisel Chisel.png 41 Logs.png 25
IronBars.png 10
Used to open geodes. Unlocked with Mining Research 4
Gold Furnace GoldFurnace.png 42 GoldBars.png 300
Stone.png 20,000
SilverFurnace.png 1
Increases your furnace capacity to 300.
Gold Oil Well GoldOilWell.png 43 GoldBars.png 500
SilverOilWell.png 1
1,300 Gain 20 oil per second.
Watch Watch.png 43 GoldBars.png 100
WatchMould.png 1
Planter.png 1
1,295 Ability for Bob the Farmer to use the Planter for you, automatically planting seeds. The Watch Mould is obtained from Lava Aliens. The crafting table currently lists as needing 10 gold bars, but it is actually 100.
Oil Storage 3 OilStorage3.png 45 Stone.png 50,000
OilStorage2.png 1
Increases oil capacity to 100,000.
Gold Oven GoldOven.png 47 GoldBars.png 600
SilverOven.png 1
Reduces the oven's burn rate.
Giant Drills GiantDrills.png 50 IronBars.png 2,000
SilverBars.png 500
1,687 Mine desired ore at the cost of oil.
50 IronBars.png 100

PromethiumBars.png 15

Oil.png 5000

ChainsawMould.png 1

Gain more logs for every tree. (Stacks with axe) The Chainsaw Mould is obtained from Ghost in Cemetery with a drop chance of 1/10
Bone Amulet+ BoneAmuletPlus.png 50 BoneAmulet.png 1
SkeletonSwordMetal.png 3
0 An upgrade bone amulet.
Promethium Furnace PromethiumFurnace.png 54 PromethiumBars.png 25
Stone.png 80,000
GoldFurnace.png 1
2,000 Increases your furnace capacity.
Oil Factory OilFactory.png 55 IronBars.png 1,000
SilverBars.png 500
GoldBars.png 250
OilFactoryBlueprint.png 1
2,150 Increases capacity workers by 10. Increases Oil rate by up to 10 oil per second.
Promethium Oil Well PromethiumOilWell.png 56 PromethiumBars.png 40
GoldOilWell.png 1
Gain 35 oil per second.
58 IronBars.png 30

MapleLogs.png 50 TrowelMould.png 1

Increases your rate at finding seeds The Trowel Mould is obtained from Skeleton Ghost in Cemetery with a drop chance of 1/10
Community Center 5
58 LavaLogs.png 10 2,777 Upgrades the shop to carry more items. Ability to purchase the Pirate's Parrot and a Package.
Rocket Rocket.png 60 PromethiumBars.png 35
IronBars.png 5,000
SilverBars.png 2,500
GoldBars.png 500
Ability to travel to the Moon at the cost of Oil.
Canoe Boat CanoeBoat.png 60 WillowLogs.png 400
MapleLogs.png 200
GoldBars.png 50
CanoeBoatBlueprints.png 1
2,860 Can be sent out for more fish.
Oil Storage 4 OilStorage4.png 61 Stone.png 100,000
OilStorage3.png 1
Increases Oil capacity to 250,000
Ruby Glass Hand RubyGlassHand.png 62 Glass.png 20
Ruby.png 1
3,000 A magnificent piece of art worth 100,000 coins.
(Requires a museum.)
Promethium Oven PromethiumOven.png 63 PromethiumBars.png 100
GoldOven.png 1
3,575 Reduces the oven's burn rate.
Promethium Oil Factory PromethiumOilFactory.png 64 OilFactory.png 1
PromethiumBars.png 120
OilFactoryBlueprint.png 1
3,500 Increases capacity workers by 10. Increases Oil rate by up to 10 oil per second.
Excavator Excavators.png 65 IronBars.png 5,000
SilverBars.png 2,000
4,180 Mine a desired ore at the cost of oil.
Spyglass Spyglass.png 65 Glass.png 80
MapleLogs.png 200
SpyglassMould.png 1
3,855 Ability for your Pirate to find Green Treasure Maps.
Rocket Boosters TitaniumRocketBoosters.png 69 TitaniumBars.png 5
Rocket.png 1
? The Rocket must be on the ground to craft and attach the Boosters.
Titanium Furnace TitaniumFurnace.png 70 TitaniumBars.png 15
Stone.png 150,000
5,132 Increases your furnace capacity.
Promethium Armour PromethiumHelmet.png 70 PromethiumHelmetMould.png 1 PromethiumBars.png 30 ? A piece of Promethium Armour Promethium Armour Moulds are obtained from the Castle Chest
PromethiumBody.png PromethiumBodyMould.png 1 PromethiumBars.png 80 2,000
PromethiumLegs.png PromethiumLegsMould.png 1 PromethiumBars.png 60 1,500
PromethiumBoots.png PromethiumBootsMould.png 1 PromethiumBars.png 20 800?
PromethiumGloves.png PromethiumGlovesMould.png 1 PromethiumBars.png 20 800
Titanium Oil Factory TitaniumOilFactory.png 72 PromethiumOilFactory.png 1
TitaniumBars.png 30
OilFactoryBlueprint.png 1
5,322 Increases capacity workers by 10. Increases Oil rate by up to 10 oil per second.
Titanium Oven TitaniumOven.png 75 TitaniumBars.png 75
PromethiumOven.png 1
6,524 Reduces the oven's burn rate.
Oil Storage V OilStorage5.png 77 Stone.png 400,000
OilStorage4.png 1
6700 Increases Oil capacity to 600,000.
Titanium Charcoal Foundry TitaniumCharcoalFoundry.png 78 IronBars.png 10,000
TitaniumBars.png 75
CharcoalFoundry.png 1
6,888 Increases the chance of getting charcoal for each log.
Diamond Glass Hand DiamondGlassHand.png 80 Glass.png 20
Diamond.png 1
7,000 A magnificent piece of art worth 500,000 coins.
(Requires a museum.)
Robot Robot.png 80 BronzeBars.png 10,000
GoldBars.png 2,000
PromethiumBars.png 225
? A robot controlled using AI to dig through the earth for additional ore.
Oil Storage VI OilStorage6.png 82 Stone.png 1,000,000


? Increases Oil capacity to 1,000,000.
Robot Heatshield ShieldedRobot.png 82 Robot.png

Charcoal.png 1,000


? Ability to send your robot even deeper, where the temperature is high due to the Earth's heat.
TNT Tnt.png 85 GunPowder.png20



Logs.png 20

? Can produce a powerful explosion. Should be used with care to avoid injuries.
Excavators+ GiantExcavators.png 86 PromethiumBars.png400



? Mine a desired ore at the cost of oil.
Looting Ring DiamondLootingRing.png 88 Diamond.png 1

RingMould.png 1

RubyLootingRing.png 1

? 25% of getting an additional roll on the loot table when killing any monster.


Various upgrades and perks can be unlocked for the Crafting skill through Research.

Tier Cost Description
Tier 1 Coins.png 100 Ability to smelt Sand into Glass.
Tier 2 Coins.png 1,000 Access to the Museum.
Tier 3 Coins.png 25,000 Ability to craft Silver Buckets.
Tier 4 Coins.png 200,000 Ability to craft Large Vials.

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