The Cook's Book is an item that can be obtained after unlocking Cooking Research 1 which allows you to make special food recipes that do not require Heat to cook. Most recipes combine cooked or raw food with other ingredients that cannot otherwise be consumed.

Only one recipe can be made at a time, which takes a certain amount of cooldown time to make, however multiple of the same recipe can be made at once.

Dish CookingSkill.png Level Ingredients Hourglass grey.png Time Energy.png Energy
Mushroom Salad Salad.png 1 DottedGreenLeaf.png 5

RedMushroom.png 10

10:00 75
Oyster Mornay OysterMornay.png 5 Oyster.png 1

Cheese.png 1

15:00 250
Snakeskin Sushi SnakeSushiShrimp.png 10 Snakeskin.png 2

+ one of the following (depending on your equipped Fishing Tool)

RawShrimp.png 10 (Fishing Net)

RawTrout.png 5 (Fishing Rod)

RawTuna.png 1 (Harpoon)

30:00 500
Seaweed Chicken SeaweedChicken.png 20 Seaweed.png 10

Chicken.png 1

45:00 750
Batskin Sushi BatSkinSushi.png 30 BatSkin.png 2

RawShrimp.png 10

RawTrout.png 5

RawTuna.png 1

1:00:00 1,500

Foods Apple.png
SmallFishingNet.png Small Net Shrimp.png Shrimp Anchovy.png Anchovy Sardine.png Sardine Crab.png Crab Piranha.png Piranha
FishingRod.png Fishing Rod Trout.png Trout Salmon.png Salmon Eel.png Eel SeaTurtle.png Sea Turtle RainbowFish.png Rainbow Fish
Harpoon.png Harpoon Tuna.png Tuna Swordfish.png Swordfish MantaRay.png Manta Ray Shark.png Shark Whale.png Whale
BananaTree.png Trees MapleSyrup.png Maple Syrup Apple.png Apples Bananas.png Bananas Coconuts.png Coconuts
CooksBook1.png Book Food Salad.png Mushroom Salad OysterMornay.png Oyster Mornay SnakeSushiTrout.png Snakeskin Sushi
SeaweedChicken.png Seaweed Chicken BatSkinSushi.png Batskin Sushi
Other Cheese.png Cheese Honey.png Honey Chicken.png Chicken Carrot.png Carrots BearMeat.png Bear Meat
GiantSnakeTail.png Giant Snake Tail EmptyStew.png Stews
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