Cooking is a skill which allows for the production of food which can be consumed to restore energy for combat. It can be unlocked after crafting the Community Center 3 and the bronze oven. Several food items can be immediately consumed to provide energy without requiring any preparation with the cooking skill, such as cheese, honey, maple syrup, apples, and bananas. In addition, red mushrooms can be consumed for 5 energy after unlocking the Tier 1 farming research. Although these foods can be consumed on their own, many of these can also be improved with the cooking skill to produce better food.

The cooking skill can be trained by cooking raw food with the oven and by cooking special food with the Cooks Book. Burning food does not grant cooking xp, however, with the Tier 2 cooking research, 25% of cooking xp will be granted for burnt food.


Ovens are used to cook raw food and is the primary method of training the cooking skill. Raw food which can be cooked include raw chicken, obtained by killing chickens in the fields, and raw fish, obtained from the Fishing skill. To cook raw food, logs must be burned in the oven to produce heat, and each raw food requires a certain amount of heat to cook. Each furnace will give a certain burn rate, with decreasing burn rates for higher tier furnaces. In addition, a permanent 5% burn rate reduction on all ovens can be unlocked from the Tier 3 cooking Research.

Oven Burn Rate Crafting Level Materials
Bronze Oven BronzeOven.png 50% 12 BronzeBars.png 100
Iron Oven IronOven.png 40% 25 IronBars.png 100
Silver Oven SilverOven.png 30% 35 SilverBars.png 300
Gold Oven GoldOven.png 20% 47 GoldBars.png 600
Promethium Oven PromethiumOven.png 10% 63 PromethiumBars.png 100

Cooks Book


The Cooks Book is an item in the cooking tab which allows the making of special food items which do not require heat to produce. It can be unlocked with the tier 1 cooking research. Food items that can be made from recipes within this book include mushroom salad, Oyster mornay, snakeskin sushi, seaweed chicken, and batskin sushi.



Stews are a special type of food which can be made after completing the The Stew Chef quest by clicking on the Chef in the Cooking tab. A new stew can only be made once every 24 hours. Stews are made from a variety of base ingredients and give energy and combat cooldown upon consumption.


Various upgrades and perks can be unlocked for the Cooking skill through Research.

Tier Cost Time Description
1 Coins.png 100 1:00 Ability to make recipes in the cooking section.
2 Coins.png 1,000 5:00 Burning food will grant 25% of its cook XP.
3 Coins.png 25,000 1:00:00 5% burn reduction on all ovens.
4 Coins.png 200,000 5:00:00 Chef's recipe is skippable, and the chef's dialogue now contains more information on the stew proposed.
5 Coins.png 500,000 8:00:00 Teleporting out of an area or a boss fight will refund 10% of the energy used.
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