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The Community Center is a building that can be crafted to access the Game Shop. Additional items can be added for purchase from the Game Store by upgrading the Community Center, with five current upgrades.

Community Center CraftingSkill.png Level Materials Items Unlocks
Community Center 1
4 Logs.png 5 Logs
Community Center 2
5 OakLogs.png 5 Oak Logs
Community Center 3
14 WillowLogs.png 10 Willow Logs
Community Center 4
42 MapleLogs.png 10 Maple Logs
Community Center 5
58 LavaLogs.png 10 Lava Logs
  • 25% Increased TreasureMap.png Map Rate
Community Center 6
81 RedwoodLogs.png 500 Redwood Logs
  • Upgrading the Wand.png Wand

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