Combat is a skill used to fight against monsters that can be found in many areas. Fighting monsters provides the player with Combat XP and various types of loot, including coins, seeds, logs, ores and many unique items including Weapons, Armour, Jewelry, and Crafting Moulds. In addition, all monsters will drop Loot Bags which have a chance of dropping additional items. With the Combat Research Level 5, players have a 5% chance of encountering "shiny monsters", which provide 3 rolls on that monster's drop table, including 3 Loot Bags.

Though combat is turn-based and relatively simple, higher level monsters, including Boss monsters, can require more advanced techniques and specific gear set-ups.[1] More information can be found at Combat\Strategies.

Player-vs-Player (PVP) Combat is currently not implemented in the game.


An unequipped hero in combat.


Weapons are combat equipment used to deal damage to the opponent. Weapons can be equipped in the on-hand or sometimes off-hand equipment slot and will give Attack.png Attack, Accuracy.png Accuracy, and Speed.png Speed stats.


Armour are pieces of combat equipment used to protect against damage from the attacker. Armour pieces can be equipped in the head, body, legs, glove, boots, and off-hand equipment slots and will give Defence.png Defence stats.


Jewelry are pieces of combat equipment that can be worn in the Neck equipment slot and can give various effects. Additionally, there are Rings which can also give affects to combat.


It is often useful or necessary to switch combat equipment during a fight. The player can do so by exiting out of combat, navigating to the combat tab, and equipping the desired weapon or armour. The player can then return to combat with the newly equipped items. This process can take several rounds of fighting to complete and so is not a very efficient method for switching items.


Combat Presets are defined sets of equipment which can include weapons, armour, jewelry, and ammo, which are unlocked with the Combat Research 3. You can define up to five different presets to easily switch between during combat, by either clicking on the colored square preset buttons in the combat tab, or by using the 1-5 number keys (note, the Num Pad number keys do not work). In addition to making item switching much easier during combat, multiple pieces of equipment can be switched at the same time, allowing for greater effects.

There are currently five different "pages" of preset sets, each of which have five presets, to allow for a greater variety of gear sets. However, only one preset page can easily be accessed from the combat screen, so the desired preset page should be selected before initiating combat.


Combat Areas are the locations in which combat can be initiated. Each area has a different set of Monsters that can be fought at random, and have different Energy requirements and Combat Cooldowns.

Area Energy Cooldown
Fields Energy.png 50 Hourglass grey.png 15 minutes
Forest Energy.png 200 Hourglass grey.png 30 minutes
Caves Energy.png 500 Hourglass grey.png 1 hour
Lava Dungeon Energy.png 2,000 Hourglass grey.png 1 hour 30 minutes
Northern Fields Energy.png 5,000 Hourglass grey.png 2 hours
Cemetery Energy.png 10,000 Hourglass grey.png 2 hours 30 minutes
Ocean Energy.png 16,000 Hourglass grey.png 3 hours
Castle Dungeon Energy.png 30,000 Hourglass grey.png 3 hours 40 minutes


The Castle is a unique Combat Zone that does not require Energy to initiate a fight and has a Cooldown of 12 hours that is separate from the normal Combat Cooldown. During a fight in the castle, you fight five different Knights in subsequent waves. You will be awarded Castle Points upon fainting or beating the final knight, which can be used to obtain rewards from the Castle Chest, including materials to make Promethium Armour.


Energy ( Energy.png ) is required to initiate combat in every combat zone (excluding the Castle). Energy can be acquired from consuming food made with the Cooking skill. With Combat Research 4, you will receive a 5% chance of refunding the energy cost of any zone (including the Castle, which appears to be a bug). The Energy costs can also be permanently reduced for all combat zones by crafting the three Energy Rings, which give 1%, 4%, and 10% reduced Energy use, for a total of 15% reduced Energy use.


Combat Cooldown (Hourglass grey.png) is the amount of time that must pass before combat can be initiated again. Each combat zone has a different cooldown which will start as soon as combat is initiated. Combat cooldown can be decreased twice as fast with the Combat Cooldown Potion. Additionally, with Combat Research 2, you can reset the current combat cooldown once every 24 hours. The amount of time before the next Reset can be used is shown in the Researcher Interface in the Home Tab. Cooldown can also be permanently reduced for all combat zones (excluding the Castle) by crafting the three Cooldown Rings, which give 1%, 4%, and 10% reduced Cooldown, for a total of 15% reduced Combat Cooldown.



Combat Stats are the set of bonuses given by weapons and armour used to calculate Damage during combat. All monsters have five different combat stats: Attack.png Attack, Accuracy.png Accuracy, Speed.png Speed, Defence.png Defence, and Heart grey.pngHealth. In addition to these five, the player has one additional combat stat: Magic.png Magic Bonus.

Attack Styles

Each weapon uses one of three Attack Styles to inflict damage: Stab.pngStab, Slash.pngSlash, or Crush.png Crush. Which attack style is used does not normally make a difference during fights, however if an opponent is weak to a certain attack style, attacks with that style will do double damage. Ranged weapons, such as the bow, use one of the same three attack styles as melee weapons, however monsters can also be weak against ranged weapons specifically.

In addition to the above styles, some weapons can also have one of four different Elemental Attack Styles: Fire Water, Ice, and Lightning. Monsters can also be weak to one of these elements.

Hit Chance

Hit Chance is the probability that an attack hits successfully, and depends on both the Accuracy.png Accuracy of the attacker and the total Defence.png Defence of the opponent. The formula is slightly different depending on whether the defence stat is odd or even.

For an even defence stat, the formula is:[2]

For an odd defence stat, it takes the average of the above equation with and . This calculation is different than just using the same equation with the odd numbered defence stat, so care must be taken when calculating Hit Chances to ensure that the correct calculation is used.[2]

Note: If the above calculation results in a denominator , because the attacker's accuracy is more than double the opponent's defence, then it will default to a or Hit Chance.


Damage is the amount of Health subtracted from the opponent due to an attack. If an attack does not successfully hit, no damage will be dealt. If an attack does successfully hit, damage is calculated by random chance from 0 to the Maximum Hit. If the opponent has a Weakness to the Attack Style being used, the damage dealt is doubled. Doubling seems to be applied after rolling the initial damage, because all damage dealt against a weakness is even.

Maximum Hit

The Maximum Hit is the maximum amount of damage that can be dealt during combat and is equal to the total Attack.pngAttack stat of the attacker, but does not depend on the opponent's Defence.


Various upgrades and perks can be unlocked for the Combat skill through Research.

Tier Cost Description
Tier 1 Coins.png 100 Combat levels now increase maximum HP.
Tier 2 Coins.png 1,000 Allow you to reset your Combat Cooldown, once a day.
Tier 3 Coins.png 25,000 Ability to set Presets, allowing you to switch gears in one click mid fight.
Tier 4 Coins.png 200,000 5% chance that Energy is refunded when fighting.
Tier 5 Coins.png 500,000 5% chance to encounter Shiny Monsters, yielding more loot.


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