Christmas Events are special, one-off, limited time Holiday Events that occur in December, themed around the real world Holiday of Christmas. The event usually lasts for several weeks, during which time players can do certain activities, such as collecting new holiday-themed items, to obtain a new Chat Sigil. After the event ends, the new items are usually removed the game and the Chat Sigil can no longer be obtained, but it can still be used in Chat. During the event, previously released Christmas Sigils are usually made tradable on the Player Market, only for the duration of the current Christmas Event.


The 2020 Christmas Event is an upcoming event which will be the first Christmas Event released in Diamond Hunt 3. Previous Christmas Sigils will be made tradable during this event.

Previous Games

Past Christmas events were released in previous Diamond Hunt games.

Holidays TreeSigil.png
PumpkinSigil.png Halloween BatSigil.png Halloween Event 2020
SantaHatSigil.png Christmas Christmas Event 2020
BunnySigil.png Easter Easter Event 2021
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