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The 2020 Christmas Event is a Christmas Event that involves collecting three shards Snowflake to obtain the Snowflake Sigil.

In addition to the new Snowflake Sigil, all ten previously released Christmas Sigils were made tradeable for the duration of the Christmas Event.

Snowflake Shard 1

The Snowflake Shard 1 can be crafted from 6,500 Snow.png Snow with Crafting Level 35.

Snowflake Shard 2

The Snowflake Shard 2 can be obtained as drop from the Mad Yeti in the Northern Fields during Snowfalls as a 1/3 chance drop.

Snowflake Shard 3

The Snowflake Shard 3 can be obtained by smashing the Ice Prism on Mining.


The Snow can be obtained by fighting with any Monsters.

Ice Prism

The Ice Prism can be found on Mining as a normal Stardust Crystal.

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