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The Chat is an Interface in Diamond Hunt 3 that allows you to communicate with other Players. The game chat can be a useful way to advertise selling or buying items on the Player Market (without spamming or begging), asking questions about aspects of the game (though the Wiki is a more reliable source of information), or any other topic both In and Out of the Game.


  • Do not 'flood' or Spam.
  • Do not insult anyone.
  • Racism and pornographic content is forbidden.
  • Keep the use of punctuation and special characters to a reasonable level.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum and do not swear at someone.
  • Refrain from trade begging.
  • Avoid speaking in non-English languages. Feel free to use the /pm system if you do so.
  • Do not post links to inappropriate content.
  • Do not blatantly advertise.
  • Do not try to get around a Mute through proxy or other means.
  • Do not post anyone's personal information.
  • Impersonating Others
  • You are not allowed to pretend or to trick others by claiming your someone you're not.

Private Messages

Private Messages or PMs are messages sent privately to another Player that will only be seen by them, however, it still appears in the normal Chat Interface window. PMs can be sent with the following.

/pm User_Name Messages are typed now.

Note: Because space delimiters are used, if the other Player's username contains spaces, they should be replaced by underscores (_). So the user "Pickle Rick" would be typed as "Pickle_Rick".

Chat Sigils

A Chat Sigil is a small image that appears next to a Player's name in chat. They can be obtained in various ways, including completing certain achievements in the game like gaining Level 100 in a Skill, as a special Drop from all Monsters, or from completing Holiday Events.

Chat Tags

Chat Tags are tags that appear next to a Player's name, similar to Chat Sigils. They can only be obtained by using Donor Coins that you have bought with Real World currency, and not bought on the Player Market. There are several tiers of Chat Tags which cost higher amounts of Donor Coins, and paying towards the next tier Tag will count toward the cost of all higher tier Tags.


Spamming or repeatedly posting the same or similar messages, or nonsense messages, is prohibited and can result in a temporary or permanent Mute.


A Mute can be applied to either a Player Account or an IP to limit a Player's ability to type in Chat if they have broken one of the above Chat Rules. It can be applied temporarily for a certain amount of time or permanently. Mutes can only be applied by Smitty or Moderators, however, some Chat Scripts enable a personal "Ignore" list that will hide all messages (including PMs) by all Players added to the list for that individual. This behaves like a type of personal mute.

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