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Charcoal is a resource that is used to smelt Titanium Bars. It can be obtained from Castle Dungeon Loot Bags or by burning Logs in the Foundry. Different logs give different chances of obtaining charcoal, and the Titanium Foundry gives a higher chance for each log type. Additionally, completing the easy, medium, hard and eite crafting achievement set allows the chance to obtain an extra charcoal from the foundry at a rate of 3%/7%/12%/18% respectively, stacking for a total of 40%

Charcoal.png Charcoal Chance
Logs CharcoalFoundry.png Foundry TitaniumCharcoalFoundry.png Titanium Foundry
Logs.png Logs 1% 2%
OakLogs.png Oak Logs 2% 4%
WillowLogs.png Willow Logs 3% 6%
BambooLogs.png Bamboo Logs 5% 10%
MapleLogs.png Maple Logs 7% 14%
LavaLogs.pngLava Logs 10% 20%
PineLogs.png Pine Logs 14% 28%
StardustLogs.png Stardust Logs 20% 40%

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