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The Cemetery Skeletons are a group of three boss monsters that can be fought in the Cemetery after assembling the skeleton bone pieces obtained from Cemetery loot bags. There are three variants of the Cemetery Skeletons: Normal, Fire, and Ice. The variant you choose to fight can be determined based on the type of bones you use to assemble them, requiring: Bones, Ashes, and Ice Bones, respectively.


To assemble the Cemetery Skeletons, various items obtained from cemetery loot bags are required, including three Chains and one each of the following skeleton bone pieces: Cemetery Skull, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg. In addition, 10 bones corresponding to the type of skeleton you wish to fight are also required.

The Fight

Unlike other monsters in the cemetery, the Cemetery Skeletons are NOT weak to the scythe, however the normal Cemetery Skeleton is weak to crush, the Fire Cemetery Skeleton is weak to water/ice, and the Ice Cemetery Skeleton is weak to fire. Although the Fire and Ice Cemetery Skeletons have relatively weak attack stats, they attack with fire and ice based magic attacks, respectively, and so can deal considerable damage. Each Cemetery Skeleton has a 1/3 chance to drop a different piece of the Cemetery Shield, which can be assembled into the full shield by combining all three pieces. Note: Due to the large amount of bones that are dropped, it's recommended to switch to the Bone Amulet/Bone Amulet+ before the end of the fight to receive double the bone drops.

Monster Level Bones Stats Weakness Drops
Cemetery Skeleton CemeterySkeleton.png 55 Bones.png 10 Heart grey.png 80

Attack.png 20 Accuracy.png 10
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

Crush 1/1 Bones.png 80-120

1/3 CemeterySkeletonShield1.png

Fire Cemetery Skeleton FireCemeterySkeleton.png 55 Ashes.png 10 Heart grey.png 100

Attack.png 0 Accuracy.png 0
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

Water/Ice 1/1 Ashes.png 80-120

1/3 CemeterySkeletonShield2.png

Ice Cemetery Skeleton IceCemeterySkeleton.png 55 IceBones.png 10 Heart grey.png 120

Attack.png 0 Accuracy.png 0
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

Fire 1/1 IceBones.png 80-120

1/3 CemeterySkeletonShield3.png

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