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The Castle is a special Area that uses no Energy and has its own Cooldown in which you challenge several enemies in a row, to earn Castle Points, which can be used to open the Castle Chest. It also provides access to the Castle Dungeon, which can only be fully accessed after beating all five opponents in the Castle to obtain the Dungeon Key.


The Castle Knights are a series of five opponents which can be fought in the Castle Challenge. They must be fought consecutively, and all combat effects including Mana, Spell Cooldowns, and Poison do NOT reset between each fight. For each successful fight, you will receive Castle Points which can be used to unlock the Castle Chest for various rewards. If you manage to beat all five Knights, you will receive the Dungeon Key which can be used to access the Castle Dungeon Combat Area.

Knight Weakness Special
Knight1Monster.png Knight 1 Slash None
Knight2Monster.png Knight 2 Reflect Lightning Charge Attack
Knight3Monster.png Knight 3 None Damage and Heal Charge Attacks
Knight4Monster.png Knight 4 Stab Poisons for 1 Damage
Knight5Monster.png Knight 5 Scythe and Ice Arrows Three Magical Barriers against Melee (Red), Ranged (Green), and Magic (Blue)


The Castle Dungeon is a high-level Combat Area which can be unlocked (literally) after defeating all five Castle Knights and obtaining the Dungeon Key. You can access the first area of the dungeon, which consists of a maze of doors, without the key, but the combat area behind the final locked door can only be unlocked with the key. This area contains the Dungeon Spider, Skeleton Monks, and Stone Lady, from which you can obtain Thick String, the Magic Orb, and the Stone Mace, respectively.

Castle Chest

The Castle Chest can be unlocked with Castle Points obtained from defeating at least one of the Castle Knights, with more points awarded with each successful fight. The Chest offers a variety of resource rewards including Ores, Logs, and Seeds. It also gives Energy, which is the only way of obtaining it besides eating Food. You also have a chance of obtaining the second Huge Mana Star (one time) or a Promethium Armour Mould.

CastleChest.png Castle Chest Rewards
Item Amount Rarity
DungeonKey.png Dungeon Key 1* 1/1
Energy.png Energy 15 - 30 1/2
Stone.png Stone 1 - 10 1/10
Copper.png Copper 1 - 10 1/10
Iron.png Iron Ore 1 - 10 1/10
Silver.png Silver Ore 1 - 10 1/10
Gold.png Gold Ore 1 - 5 1/20
Logs.png Logs 1 - 10 1/50
OakLogs.png Oak Logs 1 - 10 1/50
WillowLogs.png Willow Logs 1 - 10 1/50
MapleLogs.png Maple Logs 1 - 10 1/50
DottedGreenLeafSeeds.png Dotted Green Leaf Seeds 1 1/200
GreenLeafSeeds.png Green Leaf Seeds 1 1/500
LimeLeafSeeds.png Lime Leaf Seeds 1 1/1,000
Promethium.png Promethium Ore 1 - 10 1/2,000
HugeManaStar.png Huge Mana Star 1 1/2,500
GoldLeafSeeds.png Gold Leaf Seeds 1 1/5,000
CrystalLeafSeeds.png Crystal Leaf Seeds 1 1/10,000
Titanium.png Titanium Ore 1 - 10 1/10,000
PromethiumHelmetMould.png Promethium Helmet Mould 1 1/20,000
PromethiumBodyMould.png Promethium Body Mould 1 1/20,000
PromethiumLegsMould.png Promethium Legs Mould 1 1/20,000
PromethiumBootsMould.png Promethium Boots Mould 1 1/20,000
PromethiumGlovesMould.png Promethium Gloves Mould 1 1/20,000

* Must have completed all waves

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