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The Canoe Boat is a piece of Fishing equipment which can be used to catch Fish. It can be crafted after obtaining the Canoe Blueprints, which are dropped by Pufferfish in the Ocean. It requires 400 WillowLogs.png Willow Logs, 200 MapleLogs.png Maple Logs, 50 GoldBars.png Gold Bars, and 60 Crafting to make. A canoe trip takes 10 hours, during which time you will not receive any fish from your normal Fishing Tools.

Loot Chances

CanoeBoat.png Canoe Boat Loot
Item Amount Chance
Fish Bones FishBones.png 25-75 1/1
Raw Shrimp RawShrimp.png 5-35 1/1
Raw Anchovy RawAnchovy.png 5-15 1/1
Raw Sardine RawSardine.png 2-12 1/2
Raw Crab RawCrab.png 1-2 1/3
Raw Piranha RawPiranha.png 1 1/21
Raw Trout RawTrout.png 5-40 1/2
Raw Salmon RawSalmon.png 5-15 1/2
Raw Eel RawEel.png 1-2 1/4
Raw Sea Turtle RawSeaTurtle.png 1 1/4
Raw Rainbow Fish RawRainbowFish.png 1 1/21
Raw Tuna RawTuna.png 1-4 1/2
Raw Swordfish RawSwordfish.png 1-2 1/3
Raw Manta Ray RawMantaRay.png 1 1/4
Raw Shark RawShark.png 1 1/31
Raw Whale RawWhale.png 1 1/50
Treasure Map* BottledMap.png 1 1/100

*Only with Fishing Research 4

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