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The Brewing Kit, sometimes called the Cauldron, is a tool that is used to make potions. It can be crafted after purchasing the Brewing Kit Mould from the Community Center. It is currently the only tool associated with brewing. It can be upgraded with Gems to increase the duration of potion effects. As such, it is one of the best tools to upgrade.

BrewingKit.png SapphireBrewingKit.png EmeraldBrewingKit.png RubyBrewingKit.png DiamondBrewingKit.png
CombatVial.png +0% CombatVial.png +15% CombatVial.png +30% CombatVial.png +60% CombatVial.png +100%


The Brewing Kit Mould, sometimes called the Cauldron Mould, is a Mould used to make the Brewing Kit with Level 4 Crafting. It can be bought from the Game Shop after building Community Center 1. The Brewing Kit requires 10 Stone and 5 Iron Bars to craft.

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