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The Bow is a ranged weapon that can fire Arrows. It is crafted from a Bow Base and 50 String. Though the Bow is less powerful than other popular weapons such as the Scythe and requires Arrows, which can significantly add to the cost of using the Bow over time, it can also damage with Elemental Attacks by using Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows, which can be used to deal double damage against certain Monsters that are Weak to Fire or Ice, respectively. The Fire and Ice Arrows have no additional effect besides the Elemental Damage, that only affects Monsters that are weak to it. The Bow can also use Arrows+, which give +1 Spike Damage.

Bow Base

The Bow Base is obtained as a 1/16 chance drop from Bone Heads in the Northern Fields. It must be combined with 50 String, which can be obtained from Spiders in the Caves, to obtain the final Bow.

Magic Bow

The Magic Bow is an upgraded version of the bow which gives a 25% chance to not consume an arrow. It can be crafted from a Bow Base and 50 Magic String. It does not give any additional Combat Stats or effect, so it is generally not recommended to try to obtain the Magic Bow.

Magic String

Magic String can be obtained by Transforming a Bow, with a 1/10 chance of obtaining 1-50 Magic Strings. This means that on average, it will take about 20 Bow transformations to get enough Magic String to craft a Magic Bow. Because of this, and the high cost of Bows, it is generally not advised to try to obtain the Magic Bow.

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