A Boss is a particularly difficult Monster which can only be fought once or else requires special items to initiate a fight. There is typically only one Boss for each Combat Area and they give unique rewards. They also often have special attacks. Two Bosses must be defeated before you can move onto the next area: Bushy and the Ice Hawk.

Boss Monsters
Monster CombatSkill.png Area Stats Weakness Drops
Giant Snake GiantSnakeMonster.png Forest (The Giant Snake Quest) Heart grey.png 40

Attack.png 5 Accuracy.png 10
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

Full Snakeskin Armour
Bushy BushyMonster.png Forest Heart grey.png 15

Attack.png 4 Accuracy.png 4
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 1

Fire Hawk FireHawkMonster.png Lava Dungeon Heart grey.png 120

Attack.png 2 Accuracy.png 4
Speed.png 4 Defence.png 8

Ice Hawk IceHawkMonster.png Northern Fields Heart grey.png 150

Attack.png 0 Accuracy.png 0
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

Cemetery Skeleton CemeterySkeleton.png Cemetery Heart grey.png 80

Attack.png 20 Accuracy.png 10
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

  • 1/1 Bones.png 80-120
  • 1/3 CemeterySkeletonShield1.png
Fire Cemetery Skeleton FireCemeterySkeleton.png Cemetery Heart grey.png 100

Attack.png 0 Accuracy.png 0
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

  • 1/1 Ashes.png 80-120
  • 1/3 CemeterySkeletonShield2.png
Ice Cemetery Skeleton IceCemeterySkeleton.png Cemetery Heart grey.png 100

Attack.png 0 Accuracy.png 0
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 0

  • 1/1 IceBones.png 80-120
  • 1/3 CemeterySkeletonShield3.png
Piranhas PiranhasMonster.png Ocean Heart grey.png 65

Attack.png 5 Accuracy.png 10
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 8

Corrupted Knight CorruptedKnightMonster.png Traitor! Quest Heart grey.png 200

Attack.png 15 Accuracy.png 13
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 16

  • 1 KnightsShield.png
  • 1 YellowCrystal.png
  • 1 GlowingGoldBar.png
  • 50,000 CombatSkill.png XP
Special Boss Monsters
Faradox Minion 2 FaradoxMinion2.png None Heart grey.png 50

Attack.png 25 Accuracy.png 36
Speed.png 3 Defence.png 25

None (Reflect)

Monsters BeeMonsterSigil.png
Fields ChickenMonsterSigil.png Chicken RatMonsterSigil.png Rat BeeMonsterSigil.png Bee
Forest SnakeMonsterSigil.png Snake EntMonsterSigil.png Ent ThiefMonsterSigil.png Thief GiantSnake monster idle 0.png Giant Snake

BushyMonster.png Bushy

Caves BearMonsterSigil.png Bear SpiderMonsterSigil.png Spider SkeletonMonsterSigil.png Skeleton
Lava Dungeon LavaAlienMonsterSigil.png Lava Alien BatMonsterSigil.png Bat FireMageMonsterSigil.png Fire Mage

FireHawkMonster.png Fire Hawk

Northern Fields BoneHeadMonsterSigil.png Bone Head MammaPolarBearMonsterSigil.png Mamma Polar Bear YetiMonsterSigil.png Yeti

IceHawkMonster.png Ice Hawk

Cemetery GhostMonster.png Ghost SkeletonGhostMonster.png Skeleton Ghost Reaper monster stare 2.png Reaper
CemeterySkeleton.png Cemetery Skeleton FireCemeterySkeleton.png Fire Cemetery Skeleton IceCemeterySkeleton.png Ice Cemetery Skeleton
Ocean SharkMonster.png Shark PufferFishMonster.png Puffer Fish TridentSoldierMonster.png Trident Soldier
PiranhasMonster.png Piranhas
Castle Dungeon SkeletonMonksMonster.png Skeleton Monks DungeonSpiderMonster.png Dungeon Spider StoneWomenMonster.png Stone Women

CorruptedKnightMonster.png Corrupted Knight

Dungeon Hole BabyRedDragonMonster.png Baby Red Dragon BabyYellowDragonMonster.png Baby Yellow Dragon BabyBlueDragonMonster.png Baby Blue Dragon
Castle Knight1Monster.png Knight 1 Knight2Monster.png Knight 2 Knight3Monster.png Knight 3 Knight4Monster.png Knight 4 Knight5Monster.png Knight 5
Special FaradoxMinion2Monster.png Faradox Minion 2 TridentSharkMonster.png Trident Shark
Event WitchMonster.png Witch MadYetiMonster.png Mad Yeti
Normal Monsters in Blue Bosses in Bold Purple Special and Event Monsters in Green
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