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Bonemeal is a Resource used to plant many higher level Seeds with Farming. It is acquired by adding Bones to the Bonemeal Bin, with higher tiers of Bonemeal Bin allowing you to hold a higher maximum amount of Bonemeal. Because higher tier seeds require more Bonemeal and you must have all of the required Bonemeal before you can plant it, the Bonemeal Bin must be upgraded to plant many of the higher level seeds. A Diamond Bonemeal Bin will allow you to hold an unlimited amount of Bonemeal.

Different types of bones will yield different amounts of Bonemeal.

Bone Bonemeal.png Bonemeal
Bones.png Bones 1
Ashes.png Ashes 2
IceBones.png Ice Bones 3
FishBones.png Fish Bones 1/10

Note: Because you only receive 1 Bonemeal for every 10 Fish Bones added, you should only add Fish Bones in multiples of 10, because any excess Fish Bones will not be used to create Bonemeal and will be wasted.

Common Drops Bones.png
Bones Bones.png Bones Ashes.png Ashes IceBones.png Ice Bones FishBones.png Fish Bones Bonemeal.png Bonemeal
Feathers Feather.png Feathers FireFeather.png Fire Feathers IceFeather.png Ice Feathers
Skins and Furs Snakeskin.png Snakeskin BearFur.png Bear Fur BatSkin.png Batskin PolarBearFur.png Polar Bear Fur BlackSilk.png Black Silk
Other String.png String ThickString.png Thick String Seaweed.png Seaweed Oyster.png Oysters HeartCrystal.png Heart Crystal