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The Bone Head is a Monster that can be found in the Northern Fields. The Bone Head drops the Bow Base, which is required to craft a Bow, and a Wrench Mould, which is required to craft a Wrench.


Item Amount Rarity
IceBones.png 1 1/1
MediumSnowball.png 1 1/4
WrenchMould.png 1 1/5
BowBase.png 1 1/16


  • The Bonehead likes to adorn himself with the drops of his fallen foes. He once killed a Chicken and used its Bone to tie back his auburn locks. Perhaps because this bone is starting to putrify, his new favorite past time is to kill Archers to obtain a Bow, which he can then transform into Magic String, in order to use as a new hair tie. He has so far been unsuccessful in this endeavor, as the Adventurers who slay him are constantly stealing his Bow Bases before he can string them.
  • He recently discovered his newest guilty pleasure after having killed a mechanic who had wandered into the Northern Fields because Smitty made a typo in an update causing the Mechanic to think that he worked in the Northern Fields instead of the Mine. Upon a particularly brilliant final shot directly through the Mechanic's left eye socket, the Bonehead discovered that one of his fallen foe's tools, a Wrench, had a particularly interesting property: it would stick to his tongue in the frigid cold of the Northern Fields. Though the Bonehead frequently tested the worth of all his drops against his tongue, which usually just resulted in splinters, he had never before felt this particularly pleasing sensation against his taste buds, and since this day, his wrench has never left his side... err.... tongue. He has since been attempting to smelt his own wrenches, but has so far been unsuccessful, as snows has proved to be a rather insufficient substitute for Oil in powering his Furnace.

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