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The Bone Amulet is an Amulet that will give double Bones drops when equipped. The Bone Amulet only needs to be worn when the opponent dies, so a different amulet can be worn for the rest of the fight. It can be obtained as a 1/40 drop from Skeletons or as a 1/100 chance from transforming a Skeleton Sword. It is extremely useful when killing Skeletons and the regular Cemetery Skeleton because of how many bones they drop. The Bone Amulet will only give double bone drops for regular bones, and will not work for higher tier bones.

Bone Amulet+

The Bone Amulet+ is an upgraded version of the Bone Amulet that gives double Ashes and Ice Bones, in addition to regular bones. It is obtained by transforming Skeleton Swords, which has a 1/10 chance of giving a Sword Metal. Three Sword Metals can be combined with a regular Bone Amulet to make a Bone Amulet+ with 50 Crafting.

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