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Black Silk is a Drop obtained from killing Reapers in the Cemetery. It can be used to make the Reaper Robe Set with Level 50 Crafting, which yields a small amount of Crafting XP. A Needle can be used to disassemble unwanted Reaper Robe pieces into Black Silk at half the number of silk needed to make the piece (rounded down). This is a good method of obtaining more Black Silk, which can be used to gain extra Crafting XP or sold on the Player Market.

Smitty has expressed interest in developing a new, consumable use for Black Silk, similar to Snakeskin and Batskin which can be made into Snakeskin Sushi and Batskin Sushi, but there is currently no other use for Black Silk in the Game.

Piece CraftingSkill.png Crafting Needle.png Disassembling
Reaper Hood ReaperHood.png BlackSilk.png 6 BlackSilk.png 3
Reaper Body ReaperBody.png BlackSilk.png 20 BlackSilk.png 10
Reaper Robe ReaperLegs.png BlackSilk.png 12 BlackSilk.png 6
Reaper Boots ReaperBoots.png BlackSilk.png 6 BlackSilk.png 3
Reaper Gloves ReaperGloves.png BlackSilk.png 6 BlackSilk.png 3

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