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This guide is intended for new Players and provides a walk through with recommendations for all game content up to unlocking the final Skill, Magic.


0. Account Creation

To begin playing Diamond Hunt 3, you must first create an Account with a unique Username and Password. Make sure to remember your password because there is no automated system for password recovery (though Smitty may be able to manually reset it for you if you really need). You can also start playing with a Guest Account without providing any login details, however you cannot play on another computer or browser on a Guest account. The Guest account with all its progress can be upgraded to a normal account at any time by providing a Username and Password for it. During account creation, you must also decide whether to make it a Hardcore account, which is not able to use the Player Market. A normal, or Softcore account (which can use the Player Market) cannot be converted into a Hardcore account. It is recommended to NOT choose Hardcore if this is your first account, since additional alternative or "Alt Accounts" can be created as long as you do not attempt to Alt Trade between them.

1. Looking at Tasks

You can look and check out the game a bit. You can see the Combat skill unlocked, and you can see your hero. If you look in the top left, it will say to buy a sword from the shop.

2. Getting Started

For the next few steps, you can receive Hints about what to do next in the Notification Bar of the Interface.

You are prompted to relearn Combat from the beginning. You must first navigate to the Game Shop (in the Shops Tab to purchase a Rusty Sword for 15 Coins. Return to the Combat Tab and click on the Rusty Sword to equip it. You will be informed that doing this has unlocked the first Quest: The Missing Feathers.

3. First Quest

After starting The Missing Feathers Quest, the Archer tells you how to fight a Chicken in the Fields. You should go back to the Game Shop and buy the 25 Apples for 5 Coins. You must eat at least 10 Apples to gain 50 Energy to start Combat in the Fields. For this first Chicken fight, it is impossible to lose (for all other Chicken fights, you CAN lose). If you reach 1 Health during this fight, no more Damage will be dealt to you. Since you no longer have any Spells, you just need to sit back and watch the fight. In addition to Feathers, you will also get 1 Bone, 1 Raw Chicken, and 1 Stew.

The Pop-up reward says that you receive 3 stews, but it seems to only give 1. This is a special stew which can only received from this fight that will reduce your Combat Cooldown by 15 Minutes, allowing you to do a second fight in the Fields right after a first. You can use this whenever you want, at your discretion. You will need 50 Energy every time you initiate a fight in the Fields, so you have enough Apples to do one more before you need to find more Food. After giving the Archer a Feather, you will complete the quest to receive 1 Quest Point and 50 Coins.

4. Mining and Crafting

After finishing the First Quest, you can start the second quest: Let the Mining Begin. This unlocks the Mining Skill and the Miner, who shows you how to tell him which Ores to Mine. You then unlock the Crafting skill and can make a Stone Furnace after obtaining 5 Stone from the Miner. You should then switch to mining Copper so that you can make 5 Bronze Bars in the Stone Furnace, using the 50 Oil that the Miner gave you. You can use these Bronze Bars to craft the Bronze Oil Well which allows you to start producing Oil yourself. You get 25 Copper Ore, 50 Stone, 100 Stardust and 1 Quest Point after finishing the quest.

After the quest, you should continue to mine Copper Ore because selling Bronze Bars to the NPC Shop (by clicking on the Bronze Bars in the Crafting Tab) is the best way to earn Coins in the early game. However, it is best to Wait to Smelt the Copper Bars and sell them until you need the Coins, in case you need the Copper Ore and Bronze Bars for something else.

Your Miner should quickly find a Dark Crystal after finishing the quest. Clicking on it (in the Mining Tab will release Faradox, prompting you to start the next quest: Bob's Panic.

From this point on, there are no longer any in-game Hints in the Notification Bar, but you can sometimes still find some hints for Quests in the Quest Tab by clicking on your current Quest.

5. Woodcutting and Farming

After starting the Bob's Panic Quest, you will face the Faradox Minion 1. It has a Lightning Charge Attack that cannot be dodged, so this fight is impossible to win. After Fainting, Bob will show you how to chop down Trees that grow in a Woodcutting Patch. You must Craft an Axe with 5 Stone and 2 Bronze Bars to unlock the Woodcutting Skill. Chopping down the first Tree will get you to Level 9 Woodcutting. Bob will then tell you how to plant Seeds in the Farming Patches, unlocking the Farming Skill. You will get 1 Dotted Green Leaf Seed, 3 Red Mushroom Seeds, 800 Coins, and 1 Quest Point from finishing the quest.

You should unlock the 2nd Woodcutting Patch and Farming Patch for 100 Coins each. You can now plant a Red Mushroom Seed and a Dotted Green Leaf Seed, and you should continue to plant Seeds as you start to receive them randomly over time in the Farming Tab. When Crops are ready to be harvested, a new Notification in the Notification Bar. Having more Woodcutting Patches allows more Trees to grow at the same time, which is important since Trees grow randomly and Logs are a limited resource in the early game. When a new tree is ready to be chopped down, you should see a new Notification in the Notification Bar.

6. Shopping and Making Coins

  • You should now be able to build Community Center 1 with Level 4 Crafting for 5 Logs. This unlocks several new items (which can only be bought once) in the Game Shop. You should buy the Pickaxe and Care Package. The Care Package should give a large amount of Copper Ore, Stardust, and some Iron Ore. You should get Level 5 Mining by clicking on the Pickaxe (in the Mining Tab), which uses Bronze Bars and Stardust. You can use a Calculator to see how many Copper Ore you need to use to get 5 Mining, but it should be exactly 131 Copper Ore.
  • You should continue to mine Copper Ore to make Coins by smelting/selling Bronze Bars, however, you should only smelt/sell as needed and should leave the rest as Copper Ore.

7. Research

You can now start The Researcher Quest, which prompts you to build one of three Houses (by clicking on the Home Blueprint in the Crafting Tab). The House you choose is only cosmetic and will not affect gameplay. It is recommended to choose either the Cabin or Castle, since getting 1,000 Coins for the Mansion will take a significant amount of time (several hours).

While you are collecting the resources to build your house, you should be able to craft the Shovel with just a little more Crafting XP. When you have enough Coins, you can buy the Stardust Hammer from the Game Shop for 400 Coins. You can use Bars and Stardust with the Hammer to gain Crafting XP (similar to the Pickaxe for Mining XP). After crafting everything previously suggested, you should only need to use 3 Bronze Bars to get Level 7 Crafting for the Shovel, which requires 5 Iron Ore and 10 Logs. You will now start to passively collect Sand over time, in the Mining Tab.

8. Getting the Drill

The Drill is the 1st and only 1 mining machinery you will have for a while, until you get Mining Reasearch 3. The Drill not only mines faster than the Miner, but also mines more ores each day. You will need Crafting Level 10, and 20 Bronze Bars to craft.

9. Fishing

To get Fishing you must complete The Fisherman Quest. To start this quest you must have glass on you, requiring you to have Crafting Reasearch 1. He gives you the choice between choosing the Fishing Rod, Small Net, or Harpoon. You should choose Small Net or Fishing Rod, as they don't require as much heat.

10. Fighting in the Fields

11. Cooking Raw Food

12. Advancing in the Forest

13. The Wizard and Magic

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