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Bear Fur Armour can be crafted from Bear Fur, which is dropped by the Bear at Caves. It can be used to protect against cold environmental damage in areas, such as the Northern Fields.

Piece BearFur.png Defence.png Crafting Level
Bear Fur Mask BearFurMask.png 3 2 20 CraftingSkill.png
Bear Fur Body BearFurBody.png 10 4 20 CraftingSkill.png
Bear Fur Legs BearFurLegs.png 6 3 20 CraftingSkill.png
Bear Fur Boots BearFurBoots.png 3 2 20 CraftingSkill.png
Bear Fur Gloves BearFurGloves.png 3 2 20 CraftingSkill.png

Armours PolarBearFurMask.png
Melee Sets SnakeskinMask.png Snakeskin Armour BearFurMask.png Bear Fur Armour

BatSkinMask.png Batskin Armour PolarBearFurMask.png Polar Bear Fur Armour

PromethiumHelmet.png Promethium Armour

Magic Sets ReaperHood.png Reaper Robe Set