The Bear is a Monster in the Caves. You can have a higher chance of encountering the Bear by bringing Honey with you to the Caves, which is an (annoying) option offered every time you initiate a fight in the Caves. This can be useful if you still need Bear Fur to craft Bear Armour.


Item Amount Rarity
Bones.png 1 1/1
BearFur.png 2 - 4 1/1
BearFurMask.png 1 1/11
BearFurBody.png 1 1/11
BearFurLegs.png 1 1/11
BearFurBoots.png 1 1/11
BearFurGloves.png 1 1/11


  • The Bear's stew is too hot!
  • It smiles constantly, even during death.

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