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Batskin Armour can be crafted from Bat Skin, which is dropped by the Bat at Lava Dungeon.

Piece BatSkin.png Defence.png Crafting Level
Batskin Mask BatSkinMask.png 3 3 30 CraftingSkill.png
Batskin Body BatSkinBody.png 10 5 30 CraftingSkill.png
Batskin Legs BatSkinLegs.png 6 5 30 CraftingSkill.png
Batskin Boots BatSkinBoots.png 3 3 30 CraftingSkill.png
Batskin Gloves BatSkinGloves.png 3 3 30 CraftingSkill.png
Total 25 19

Armours PolarBearFurMask.png
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BatSkinMask.png Batskin Armour PolarBearFurMask.png Polar Bear Fur Armour

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