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Bars are a Resource obtained from Smelting Ores with the Furnace, which requires Oil (or for Titanium Bars, requires Charcoal. Bars can be used with the Hammer to obtain Crafting XP, with Iron Bars being the most efficient. They are also used to craft a wide variety of items and Buildings.

Bars Smelting Time Sells for CraftingSkill.png XP
BronzeBars.png Bronze Bar 1 Oil.png 1 second 5 Coins.png 10
IronBars.png Iron Bar 5 Oil.png 5 seconds 10 Coins.png 90
SilverBars.png Silver Bar 20 Oil.png 20 seconds 15 Coins.png 150
GoldBars.png Gold Bar 100 Oil.png 1 minute 25 Coins.png 300
PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bar 1,000 Oil.png 3 minutes 20 seconds 750 Coins.png 1,000
TitaniumBars.png Titanium Bar 20 Charcoal.png 8 minutes 20 seconds - -

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PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bar TitaniumBars.png Titanium Bar
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