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The Barbarian is an NPC encountered frozen in a block of ice in the Northern Fields after having killed at least 3 Bone Heads. After freeing him, the Player is given one of two rewards, depending on whether they decide to give him their Bow or not. If you do not give him a bow, he will give you 10 Arrow.png. If you do, he will give you 20,000 Coins Coins.png, 50 Gold Ore Gold.png, 25 Gold Bars GoldBars.png, 800,000 Stardust Stardust.png, 20 Promethium Bars PromethiumBars.png, 50 Arrows Arrow.png, 50 Fire Arrows FireArrow.png, 1 Titanium Ore Titanium.png, 10 Polar Bear Fur PolarBearFur.png, 50 Ice Arrows IceArrow.png

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