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Normal or Regular Arrows are the first type of Arrow which can be crafted and used with a Bow and require one Feather, one Log, and one Bone, yielding one Arrow and 5 Crafting XP. Because Chickens drop Bones and are the only source of Feathers, they are often killed to craft enough arrows to use the Bow.

The Bow and Arrows is a powerful weapon for lower levels, sitting between the Skeleton Sword and Scythe, though arrows can be very costly. Because of this, they are very useful in the Northern Fields until a higher tier Weapon can be obtained.

Although no monsters are explicitly weak to normal arrows, there are two monsters that have transient strengths/weaknesses against Ranged in general. Knight 5 from the Castle will be completely immune to all ranged attacks when its Green shield is active, so two types of weapons are generally suggested for this fight. Additionally, Stone Women from the Castle Dungeon can only be damaged by one Combat Style at a time, depending on her eye color, which changes during the fight. She will be weak to ranged attacks when her eyes turn yellow.

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