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Arrows+ or Arrows Plus are crafted with 1 Mace Spike, obtained from transforming the Stone Mace, as well as one Feather and one Log, which requires 60 Crafting. Arrows+ do not have improved Combat Stats over regular arrows, but do give Spike Damage.

Weapons SkeletonSword.png
Melee RustySword.png Rusty Sword Stinger.png Stinger (Honey) IronDagger.png Iron Dagger (Offhand / Offhand+)
SkeletonSword.png Skeleton Sword Scythe.png Scythe (Offhand) Trident.png Trident StoneMace.png Stone Mace (+)
Magic Wand.png Wand
Range Bow.png Bow (Magic)
Arrows Arrow.png Arrows (+) FireArrow.png Fire Arrows IceArrow.png Ice Arrows